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About RSS/Podcasts/XML Feeds

What's RSS?

RSS is an open-standard XML format for publishing news headlines on the Internet, in a process known as syndication. People subscribe to these news feeds by using a news aggregator or news reader, a specialized application for displaying RSS headlines from multiple news feeds. The application connects to the news services at preset intervals, and downloads new items as they are published. By default, headlines are sorted most-recent-first, and usually carry a short summary and a link to the web page where the full story is displayed.

What does 'RSS' stand for?

It either stands for Rich Site Summary, or it stands for Really Simple Syndication. People argue about things like this. Really.

What news readers or news aggregators do you recommend?

For Windows 98 and above, we recommend FeedDemon, available in a trial version. For Mac OSX, we recommend NetNewsWire, which comes in a freeware 'lite' version or a more capable full version. There are many, many RSS readers available ... the adventurous may wish to try and search for 'rss aggregator' or 'rss reader.'