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Design Candidates are Coming In

October 20th, 2008 by smeranda

We are now at the stage of harvesting initial design candidates for consideration as the beginning of the visual refreshining. Two months ago, designers and developers were invited to mock up new a visual representation of the UNL template. Since that time, many designers have accepted the invitation and began crafting the initial stages of their proposed designs. Some of these designers have shared their first designs by posting online for critiques.

Tomorrow, during a 2:00 meeting in the Nebraska Union (in which everyone is welcome to attend), the Web Developer Network will review these design candidates. The purpose of this meeting is to not decide a final design, but rather review the multiple possible directions each designer has taken his/her design. Then like-minded users will be grouped together to extend and integrate their designs to produce one final rough draft candidate. In an ideal situation, only a few breakout groups will be created.

While the final design is still months away from completion, many elements and directions are starting to form. Large questions — such as horizontal v. vertical navigation, prominence of search box(es), functionality of calendar feeds, file organization — are being discussed. If you have any input on these considerations or others, please plan to attend these meetings or leave a comment on this below.