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Who needs a tagline when you have us? 2009 Redevelopment Rollout Presentation

May 28th, 2009 by Bob Crisler

For much of the past three weeks, we in the UNL Web Developer Network and in University Communications Internet and Interactive Media have been on a 2009 Rollout Tour, giving presentations to and having discussions with campus groups in preparation for transitioning UNL websites to the new 2009 template, slated for release in August 2009.

As these things go, though, not everyone who is interested in the subject can show up to a given meeting, and a number of university faculty, staff and students are simply out of town for the summer. So I’ve made the presentation available here as an MP4 video (complete with stammering narration). Thanks for your interest, and I look forward to your continuing engagement in the development of

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