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About Internet and Interactive Media

August 14th, 2008 by smeranda has quickly become the default gateway for our students, their families, and our community to explore our great campus, culture and opportunities for growth, learning, employment and adventure. Each day, thousands of visitors come to our website in search of informative content. It is imperative that each visitor be able to efficiently find and process this needed content.

In the online realm, changes occur daily. New advancements are made in user interaction, graphic presentation, dynamic content and communication. These advancements constantly redefine experiences and expectations related to online user interactions. While this has the ability to lead to challenges, it also gives the Web Developer Network opportunities to enhance, or “realign” our site with our target audiences.

Many changes (some minor, some much more progressive) will allow for us to leverage the flexibility of the primary medium of communication in such a way that our users will be enriched by the experiences found at

As we begin to consider these enhancements and explore possible options, it is imperative that the UNL communitiy is updated and involved in the process. Therefore, we will be posting regular updates on ideas, progressions, betas, and new features as the become available. We encourage the community to colloborate and participate in discussions and building. All posts will allow for comments, please provide feedback as you see fit.

We look forward to the communication and the forward movement of Thank you!

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