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Achieving a New Balance

May 14th, 2009 by Bob Crisler

In thinking about the broad aspects of user interaction design that form the bulk of our task in re-envisioning an effective web template for the university, we first need to focus on what it is we’re trying to accomplish.

Boiled down, the job of the web template is to assist the user in locating content while maintaining strong university identity. The navigational framework of a site, any site, is a supporting player. It has to be the best supporting player we can imagine, but in the end it should slip into the wings, and let the spotlight shine brightly on what the web user came to the site to see, to read, to experience: the content.

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Media Hub Is Open For Business

March 25th, 2009 by bbieber

Media Hub ManagerSummaryMedia Hub allows UNL web developers to create Podcasts and/or Vodcasts without editing XML, easily embed a flash player on their websites, and allow multiple users to manage the content on those feeds. To get started, log in at with your my.UNL Username and Password and add your media.

Here’s a sample feed created for the Nebraska Colloquium

Users can subscribe to the podcast feed and each piece of media has an individual page where UNL Faculty/Staff and Students can submit comments on the video. Additionally, developers and end-users can copy and paste the embed code so a video can easily be embedded on their own sites.

Once a feed is in the system, if you’d like it added to our iTunes U site just let me know.

Format guidelines:

Video: please use h264 encoding at 640×480 for standard definition and 640×360 for high definition.

Audio: use mp3 format for files under 32MB. More information is available in the wiki page on podcasting.

Thanks to Seth Meranda in University Communications and Todd Jensen, Tim Steiner, and Micah Sutton in the New Media Center.

If you’re interested in contributing to the project GForge is the place to start.