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Major Information Interchange

Postby dnhood » Tue Jun 09, 2009 3:50 pm

Right now Admissions is hosting a set of information about all of the majors on campus, I imagine that in some form at least the information is being replicated on each colleges website (or the colleges are linking to our information). The current intro page for the major information is here:

For a couple of months the admissions office has been working with ASC, CBA and CEHS to develop a system where the major information can be stored on college, rather than admissions servers, and using XML admissions can get and display the relevant information.

The way that the system is currently envisioned to work is that the admissions website will use a URL of the form ... rCode=ABUS to pull the information. The page would then return a specifically formatted xml file with the information to be displayed on the Admissions page.

Below is a listing of the files needed to get started working in this system.

Sample XML document:
this would be what your xml should look like.
XSD Document for validation:
this is the schema you should validate against. It contains the sample code, and some comments on which fields are required and which are optional, etc.
XSL Documents for your information: ... mation.xsl and ... mation.xsl
I don't expect you will need to refer to these much, but if you do here they are. , The DetailTransformation controls the display of the main informational page and the ScheduleTransformation controls the display of the schedule page

There are also a couple of scripts and test pages you might find useful.
XSD Validation Page: ... texml.aspx
copy and paste the link to your xml file into the textbox and hit "Validate XML" this will come back and tell you if your XML successfully validates against the XSD or not. If it doesn't, it should tell you where the validation error occurs.
Preview Page: ... Sample.xml
use this page to view your XML within the format of our major pages. replace the url querystring variable with the URL of your xml document.

The CollegeCode and MajorCode fields will be pulled from NuView (soon-sh to be PeopleSoft) I have a spreadsheet of all the College and Major codes, please send me an e-mail ( and I'll pass it along.

Hopefully with this system the major information on the admissions pages will be more easily maintained, more up to date and more useful to prospective students.

Thank you, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Nathan Hood
Office of Admissions
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