Splash Page Element - Big Image Treatment

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Splash Page Element - Big Image Treatment

Postby mmesarch1 » Mon Mar 24, 2008 2:25 pm

Two questions for the big image treatment.
1. how do you get the cool corner turn? Don't see that in the image section of the wiki.

2. How do you get the different images to change when you click on the tab. Based on the code supplied in the WIKI, if you sub in for the links you go to those pages. I want to stay on the same page, just change the picture and story and link to full story. ON the UNL external page, the link on the tab says it goes to a different "story" in a story folder. Viewing the source code does not help either. Would think this would have to be some sort of script.

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Postby beck » Wed May 21, 2008 1:48 pm

The corner turn isn't a UNL templates image container - you'll have to incorporate it into the image itself it you want to make use of it. Just right click on one of the images on the splash page, go to save image and then just put your own desired image onto the top of your saved one in photoshop/gimp/whatever image editor you use.

The wiki's treatment of the splash page isn't very current - the actual splash page utilizes java script and an xml file to load a set of random .htm files into the container - you should be able to pull everything you need off of the source code on the splash page - paying particular attention to the scripts in the header - then just insert the correct <div> id's into the body. I've modified things a bit to fit into an image container and only take up two columns, see the link for some more info and appropriate source code.

- Bryan
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