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Form - Google Docs

Postby smattson3 » Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:32 pm

Prior to the new template, I had a form set up on my webpage:

I had it set up so that it went through the google doc form and then I could pull the information from a google doc spreadsheet. Once I applied the new template, if you fill out the form on the UNL webpage and hit submit, it takes you to the actual form built in google docs rather than saying "thank you for your submission!" The parents then have to fill out another form in order to get the information into my spreadsheet. I have numerous forms like that and none of them are working with the new template. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Postby smeranda » Tue Sep 08, 2009 3:36 pm

Try removing the two dots at the end of the action for the form: ... UjJKSmc6MA..
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.. didn't work

Postby smattson3 » Wed Sep 09, 2009 8:32 am

Removing the .. didn't work. What I don't get is that it worked prior to applying the new template.
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Postby beck » Tue Sep 15, 2009 3:47 pm

Might be something with how your google doc spreadsheet is set up instead of?

One thing I can think of is to remove the required distinction from google docs and set up a front end required field check.

I use a real simple javascript where you just need to designate each input field as class="reqd" , the script checks to make sure some content is entered before allowing the form to post.

grab the javascript from the wiki page (also has google doc instructions/form styling/etc)
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Postby smattson3 » Mon Dec 21, 2009 2:29 pm

I changed the form action method from "post" to "POST" and it works now.
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