Google docs - notification of form submission

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Google docs - notification of form submission

Postby dsockrider » Mon Jan 11, 2010 12:54 pm

I've been using Google docs for forms. It's been very easy to collect information into a spreadsheet in a permissions based collaborative environment and easily graph out results and export collected data in a variety of document types. It's also very good at filtering out Spam submissions.

Is there a way to notify someone via email that a form has been submitted? I believe the only way to check to see submissions is to go to Google docs and check. Manually checking is fine for forms like event registrations, but for forms that are up indefinitely, it'd be good if the person of concern could be notified via email that a form has been submitted.

Is it possible to customize a google form to send notification or form data as an email for instant notification of data submission, in addition to collecting to the spreadsheet?
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