12/9/2005: Invitation for NGRG

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12/9/2005: Invitation for NGRG

Postby rcrisler1 » Fri Dec 09, 2005 5:52 pm

This email was sent on Dec. 9, 2005 to a group of 13 UNL web developers:



As you may know from ongoing discussions within the Web Developer Network and other forums, web developers from across UNL are being asked to join in a process to redevelop and redesign the UNL site templates for implementation in Summer 2006.

You are one of a group of 13 UNL web developers that are being asked to participate as the core Next-Generation Redevelopment Group.

We will be working in cooperation with the ad hoc Next Generation Web Committee. To assure cooperation and communication with that group, the chair of the NGWC, Brian Moore, will be a member of the Redevelopment Group, while I will be a member of the NGWC.

At first, our work will follow that of the NGWC. The NGWC's charge is twofold:
1) Develop a white paper/strategic plan (3 to 5 year perspective) for UNLÕs web presence in all categories and
2) provide recommendations for the immediate redevelopment of what currently exists (this work carried out by the NGRG)

The NGWC expects to complete a specification list of required UNL site elements by the end of January, 2006. The NGRG will then (early February 2006) commence work in earnest, beginning with the creation of an array of prototype designs that incorporate the identified specifications. We will then work through a process, which will include the use of focus groups representing various constituencies, to distill the prototypes into one base design, from which we'll build various derivative templates (popup, document, etc.). That work must be completed by early summer in order to dedicate the bulk of the summer months to moving content into the new design. We anticipate going live with the new UNL web presence in the week prior to the beginning of First Semester 2006-2007.

More information will be forthcoming. We'll have a light discussion after next Tuesday's Web Developer Network Group meeting (Dec. 13, 2pm, 107 Arch Hall), and will meet formally in January to plan the work process that will ramp up in February.

Please reply to this email to indicate your interest and availability to be part of the Next-Generation web redevelopment process at UNL. This represents a commitment to attend all scheduled meetings and/or workshops, and to participate in the development and design process. If your schedule does not permit you to be a part of this process, please nominate a web developer that may be able to represent your interests.

A discussion, 'Next-Generation Web' has been initiated on the Web Developer Network bulletin board. The group of developers being asked to be a part of the Next-Generation Redevelopment Group is as follows:

Robert Crisler - Chair
Internet and Interactive Media - UComm
321 ADM UNL 68588-0424

Brett Bieber
Programmer - UComm
321 ADM UNL 68588-0424

Paul Erickson
Manager Faculty/Staff De
Information Services
118C 501 UNL 68588-0203

Marilyn Hahn
Communication Specialist
College of Journalism and Mass Communications
318 ANDN UNL 68588-0443

Zeljka Hassler, CIT
Comm Information Technolo
002 ACB UNL 68583-0918

Mark Hiatt
Associate Web Developer
Information Services
118 501 UNL 68588-0203

Seth Meranda, Admissions
Admissions Computing Coordinator
1410 Q St ALEX UNL 68588-0417

Brian Moore
Assoc Professor
School of Music
358 WMB UNL 68588-0100

Marcelo Plioplis, EE&O
Publications Specialist
EE&O Independent Study HS
212 900 N 21st St UNL 68583-8101

Daniel Schmit
Instructional Technology Coord.
College of Education & Human Resources
207 MABL UNL 68588-0234

Vishal Singh, CIT
Comm Information Technolo
002 ACB UNL 68583-0918

Melissa Sinner
UNL Libraries
319 LL UNL 68588-4100

Angela Stueckrath
Web Services Coordinator
College of Business Administration
18A CBA UNL 68588-0405

Brent Wilson
Communications and Data Specialist
Academic Affairs
208 ADM UNL 68588-0420


Robert J Crisler
Manager, Internet and Interactive Media
UNL | University Communications
321 Canfield Administration Building
Lincoln, NE 68588-0424

Robert J Crisler
Manager, Internet and Interactive Media
University Communications
321 Canfield Administration Building
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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