December 2011 WDN

Minutes from the Monthly Tues at 2:00 PM meetings in the Nebraska Union, and comments related to items discussed during the meetings.

December 2011 WDN

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WDN Meeting -- December 13, 2011

Template Revisons version 3.1
    • UNL Template version 3.1 will be released Tuesday, Feb 14
    • Goal is a (proposed) transition UNL-wide in 1 month by March 13
    • HTML 5
    • ARIA Landmarks
    • Responsive architecture (device based)
    • Use a single CSS Server, rather than copying to each of the many UNL web servers
    • New “WDN Page Checker” feature will be made available as link

WDN Page Checker
    • Bob Crisler provided demo of the new this new utility
    • Will be a link within new template, it is available now at [url][/url]
    • For the page you submit it provides feedback on HTML Validation, Accessibility, CSS Validation and Link Checking
Batch process for portion or full web site? There is no plan for that option at present.

Seth Meranda was to lead this, but was not able to attend meeting. Bob Crisler made presentation.
    • Set up goals: a cruical aspect of your strategy (the three Rs would be a good place to start).
    • Review the site speed reports; lower load time.
    • If you’re sending traffic generating content, use campaign tagging ([url][/url]).
    • Focus on actionable analytics with context.
    • New Visitors Flow Report
    o Graphical representation of user paths through site.
    o Shows where they went, where they left.
    • Led to suggestion and consensus that it would be helpful to have “Analytics” as a special session outside of regular meeting. It was suggested that Seth Mareanda lead the session. It was also pointed out that Vishal Singh is another resource.
    • How can we take numbers and data from reports to provide meaningful information to UNL decsion makers?
    • How do tie analytics to recruitment, retention, and research?
    • Need within to assist users to go to more directly where in UNL sites to go for the information they are seeking
    • Usability studies of website layout, some studies were done in past, should we be doing that again now? Possibly live watch of users

    • We’ve been listening.
    • It is loud and clear: concern about getting messages to the right people, so we’re changing direction.
    • Chat functionality in templates release v. 3.1
    • Chat if available as first option, otherwise email
    • Chat would be with the registered person intended for that person, not necessarily site admin, content provider
    o Can register subset of site

Accessibility Notes from EAD available at [url][/url]

As distributed, UNL Templates compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA

Content Critiques
    • Planning for critique/brainstorming sessions, tentative start in January
    • It will be voluntary
    • Seeking feedback on reviewing by peers, useful to have others perspectives of what it is/is not – open to all opinions
    • Arts & Sciences is already doing this for some sites, working to have before/after gallery
Possibly include audience members as critique panel? Analytics can tell you what, but not why.

Next Meeting Tuesday, January 10 2:00 at City Campus Union
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