December 2011 UNLcms User Group

Minutes from the Monthly Tues at 2:00 PM meetings in the Nebraska Union, and comments related to items discussed during the meetings.

December 2011 UNLcms User Group

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UNLcms User Group -- December 13, 2011

Defining User Group
Bob Crisler explained the the User Group will evolve. However, it is intended for WDN to continue the current path of primary focus technical infrasture and support, while the Users Group will primarily focus on handling of content. To be clear, it understood that there will be overlap and a blurring of where a line might be drawn. The will blur at times, as there will be topics we will need to have the collabroation and cooperation.

We welcome your input as to your thoughts on priorites, topics and format of the future meetings. We are inclinded to have it be quite a range. We expect it to be discussion topic each of the first few meetings.

Progress Report
Alfred Stark provided brief update of Frontier migration to UNLcms
Status as of Dec. 12, there are 275 UNLcms sites
    Sites in production 118, in development 157
    Migrating sites from Frontier 161, other servers 52, new sites 62
    Sites for colleges, depts.. 141, student orgs 33, admin. & services 101

New features to soon be available in UNLcms
Eric Rasmussen presented on new features

“Modules” option on Site Admin Toolbar
    Will list available modules available for your site
    Many modules “select box” will be greyed out, not available to unselect
    Other modules, site admin can choose to make available or not for site

Web Form
    Likely to enabled for all UNLcms sites
    Will be able to create form by selecting as content type in “add content”
    Alternate UI Module default enabled, if off you will have access to more advanced features, however set up of form more tedious

Site Layout
    Using “Sidebar” by selected from Site Admin Toolbar “Structure” , then “Blocks”
    Using blocks and regions
    • Blocks are placed within Region
    • Blocks are content pieces on multiple pages (like include files)
    Can specify all pages except OR only pages

“UNL News”
    News body is text only
    Images are handled in other fields
    Carousel is done without html code
    Vision is that more fully using Drupal capability. Create pages without HTML, body is text and links, no grid button, images are separate, handled by other widgets

General Discussion:
    Google Analytics Module
    Issue of HTML code being bunched with IMCE editor
    Want to flip to HTML easier
    How-to videos – good for overview, text documents better for performing task

Next Meeting Tuesday, January 10 3:00 at City Campus Union
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