January 2012 WDN

Minutes from the Monthly Tues at 2:00 PM meetings in the Nebraska Union, and comments related to items discussed during the meetings.

January 2012 WDN

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WDN Meeting January 17, 2012

Template Revisions version 3.1
• Not a visual-design revision
• Release date: production-ready Feb. 14
• Proposed one month transition period
• Proposed full transition date UNL-wide: March 13
• HTML 5
• ARIA Landmarks
• Responsive architecture (device based)
• New feature “check this page" (replacing W3C | CSS links)

The ‘Old’ Mobile Approach
• Mobile development in its first generation was reductive; take away from the existing desktop
• Because most of the codebase was developed for the desktop assumption, we ended up with a lot of code, particularly in the CSS and Javascript, that we don’t need.
• There are better ways

The Responsive Approach
• Different by 180 degrees.
• Goal for responsive is not limited to mobile support. The goal is to be device-and-resolution independent.
• Device independent - desktop, tablets, smartphones raw markup

How to handle when not relying on user-agent
Support both desktop and mobile devices
Concern about maintaining UNL Templates on many servers; need to improve infrastructure process
Look to be responsive to device

Until present time, Templates development has been in GForge. It has facilitated better change management practice and collaboration. GForge has facilitated internal collaboration, however will move to GitHub facilitate including external collaboration. GitHub is open source product. It was suggested to have a one-time session on orientation of it use during a Tuesday morning.

Old Business in the Markup
• Header elements being refined
• H1 (must) be analogous to <TITLE> tag
• So, what to do with <TITLE>
• has to start with ~= as H1 element
• then what? Context includes UNL, etc.

How the upgrade will happen
• previewer available Jan 25
• code into production Feb 14
• transition complete Mar 13
• Paths
• UNLcms
• Dreamweaver

Critique and Create
Critique/brainstorming sessions start January 27, 10am, 17 Wick
Nominate your site ...

Suggestion: Consider having a special session, not during regular WDN meeting, to have Seth Meranda provide a overview of the new Google Analytics.

Next Meeting Tuesday, February 14 2:00 at City Campus Union
Responsive Design Plan - pdf of slide
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