eduWeb 2006, Baltimore

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eduWeb 2006, Baltimore

Postby rcrisler1 » Mon Aug 07, 2006 4:42 pm

Three of us from UComm Internet and Interactive Media (Brett, Aaron, Bob) and Seth from Admissions made the trip to Baltimore in late July for the eduWeb 2006 conference. As the name implies, this conference is for developers of higher-ed web sites.

The quality of the conference presentations varied quite a lot; while we found much valuable discussion at eduWeb, we likely will make a request to attend the rival Higher Education Web Professionals conference in 2007. Conferences at this particular intersection of higher ed and internet communications are concentrated in the east. There exists a substantial opportunity for a midwestern conference.

I'll post several sets of notes under separate threads. In adiditon to these notes, which can be kind of sketchy, had a group of bloggers at the conference; that coverage is more complete.

Meanwhile, whenever you're in Baltimore, spend a little time down at the end of the bar at Capitol City Brewing Co. on the Inner Harbor, playing the Photo Hunt game there. Defend the honor of Dear old Nebraska U.


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