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Postby rcrisler1 » Mon Aug 07, 2006 4:54 pm

Use student blogs; assigns blogs to "student journalists." Let them know what their responsibilities are, then stay out of the way as much as possible.

There's no better way to let prospectives know what it’s like to be on campus.

If you do it right, you’ve got to worry about what the students will post.

A student posted his reasons for transferring away from Furman. The person's thoughts were authentic; didn't argue points. Administration demanded that we take it down. Took it offline, discussed it with administration, and it was back up within 24 hours. Actually, it was positive … it confirmed the authenticity of the site.

[url]Engagefurman.com[/url], 32,000 visits a month.

How influential are journals in your decisionmaking process? Mixed bag, not a home run. A strong component of the site, not dominant in the mix, though

Furman is launching on-demand video site for the university. Broadband. Flash Video.

Lecture Series
Athletic Events/Coach Shows/Interviews
Musical Performances
Admissions Marketing
Distance Learning for Alumni
Distance Learning for Corporate Education
Fund-Raising, Streaming Campaign Kickoff
Student-Produced content

(NOTE: This is a lot like what we will be doing within iTunesU, wherever we have video content.)

They’re going with Multicast Media (third party)


Furman spent more on web than print in last fiscal year.

STAMATS did their site. (Great artist steal.)

STAMATS even writes articles for, and designs the Furman alumni magazine.

Use students; they can help keep work fresh.

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