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Staci Roberts Beam | Northwestern U | Formalize Your Efforts

Postby rcrisler1 » Mon Aug 07, 2006 5:11 pm

NW central University Relations Web Communications staffing
2 developers
two designers
one content editor
usability expert
office coordinator
4 students

project overview worksheet
- marketing intake sheet
o think about what you want
o what do you expect to achieve
o general info
o reasons for redesign
o audience desires
o etc

project proposal
- reflect worksheet; what client should expect; signoff
- goals
- project details
o content assessment
site management
o site maintenance
o site transition
o staff education
o tech support
project schedule
action steps
start date
due date
people responsible

training on writing for the web is needed for many

status reports weekly on open projects (CYA)

online survey
user testing – Jakob Neilsen says 3 people are all that are needed
card sorting
log stats analysis

define the project
develop structure
design (prototyping/wireframes)
build and test

videotape user test

Web site survey post launch
Have audience member define self
Ask pertinent questions

When dealing with clients, You Are Not Your User … emphasize research

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