From CASE CMT Conference 2008, San Diego

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From CASE CMT Conference 2008, San Diego

Postby rcrisler1 » Thu Apr 10, 2008 4:46 pm

Notes from the CASE 2008 Communications, Marketing and Technology conference, San Diego, from Shari Rosso, UNL Housing, sent via email to David Burge and Bob Crisler:

David and Bob: I am attending a CASE marketing conference in San Diego. I have to tell you both that UNL was highlighted as having one of the best websites in the keynote speaker's presentation, specifically pointing out the Bowtie Guy. (Presenter from STAMATS)

Also, in attending a session on CMS, the presenter wanted to congratulate UNL as having one of the best redesigns he's seen. He also is an expert in CMS and said he'd like to talk with you, BOB, and give you his two cents worth on the systems. (Casey Paquet from Ekerd College, St. Petersburg, Fla.) He's done some amazing things with FLASH and gave a presentation on what to use in flash and what not to use (talked about Javascript and Ajax).

More sessions to come, one I am interested in specifically on portals.

I have taken some notes and would like to share them with you. DAVID, specifically I have some ideas for video relating to Housing, but I do have a lot of ideas that are more admissions-based.

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