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Postby smeranda » Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:05 pm

dsockrider wrote:I thought the stars are the interface.

There is a need for an interface to the submitted data.

dsockrider wrote:For the comments, why isn't there a field for an email reply?

It was released this way to keep it simple/less cluttered, and to deliver the bare minimum of functionality. The option exists for the user to enter his/her email in the textbox if he/she wants a response. With that said, discussion continues on ways to enhance/improve this section, and many ideas have been bounced around, this being one.

dsockrider wrote:I'm way too busy to contribute any time to coding projects.

I know the feeling, we're all busy without any relief in site. If it's important enough to you, then I again suggest you get involved.

dsockrider wrote:For some reason I would think that anything in the live template would be fully functional or don't have it live.

It is fully functional for our users, which takes priority.
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