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secure template, search

Postby cbourke3 » Sun Aug 16, 2009 10:14 am

I'm having some issues with the secure template for a secure webapp site, (note: I'm not using dreamweaver so I'm just editing the HTML directly into a JSP page).

Issue 1: The secure template does not include the "search" bar at the top right. In our webapp, we have a search feature and this is the most logical place to include it. At first, I simply copied the html from the fixed template. However, the div element with id= "wdn_search" has had its css display attribute set to "none" when the body class is "secure fixed". I've had to manually change it to "inline" using inline css. I'd say that this needs to be changed to avoid inline css: some secure sites have search features, why not allow them? Especially since simply not including the "wdn_search" div element code eliminates the search bar just fine?

Issue 2: Related to this, for some user roles, the search div will not be displayed (they are not allowed access) in which case, I'm using the id = "wdn_identity_management" div element which shows what I assume is supposed to be a "key" (though I've eliminated the "logout" link). Here is the result:

In Chrome 2, FF3.5, IE7, and Safari 4.0.3 (Windows Vista) there is a gap or abnormality from where the key ends to the grey border. (In FF there is no "gap, but the curved graphic is not over far enough, leading to a noticeable "jut").

Issue 3: in IE7, the horizontal grey line that should be going through the center of the "topSealb.png" is actually several ems down from where it should be.

It could be that these issues are a result of my editing or some css/js files not being found, but I've been unable to find a working reference example of the secure template (or even a screencap on the documentation wiki). Any help is appreciated.
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