Quality control with a CMS

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Quality control with a CMS

Postby dsockrider » Mon Nov 16, 2009 12:48 pm

After recent discussions with implementing a CMS I've become concerned with the potential quality that may be displayed on our websites by non-web people posting content and saying it's 'good enough', when it's far from 'good enough' by UNL web standards.

I've been using blogger as a very basic CMS for several projects. The main problem I'm seeing is that people just cut and paste text from Word into blogger, then many characters don't carry over to the web like apostrophes, m-dashes, and opening/closing quotation marks. This of course doesn't validate in W3C. In an effort to correct this problem I showed how to Find/Replace all those punctuation marks to create valid code. I was told this was, "too cumbersome to do every time". So now I have people posting invalid code that looks terrible on screen and doesn't validate. So now I have to fix all the errors myself and repost and police what other people are posting on my site. So now, I had to take all the time to setup the CMS system, and I still have to go back and fix content. In the end, I think it would take less time if I just left the CMS out of the picture and just maintained displaying the content myself.

My question is, with a CMS, how do we expect to have valid 508/W3C code when people that are adding content don't know how or aren't willing to take the steps to post clean code. Then there is proper image size training to deal with too.
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