Please post your questions, bug reports and experiences (good or bad) here. Platform v 3.1 is scheduled for delivery on March 13, 2012, and to be fully implemented on April 10, 2012. 3.1 is not a visual redesign. Rather it is a rearchitecting of the codebase to HTML5 standards and responsive web design. It also adds richer support for accessibility, including ARIA landmarks.

The WDN development team is working on documentation, a previewer and other tools to aid in the transition process. If you'd like to help, please post under the "I'll Help" discussion or in the WDN chat.


Postby kabel2 » Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:31 am

== Changes rolled out on 7/11/12 ==

Code Overview: ... ..f67a2f83


* The ZIP make target will include built resources
* Update README with build instructions
* Add new affiliate CSS / LESS
* Update Twitter branding
* Update audio/video player plugin, documentation, and examples
* Add an RSS widget plugin with example
* Add a Twitter widget plugin with example
* Fix issues with the IdM banner not loading properly
* Remove legacy CSS3 declarations from the LESS mixins
* Fix comment success feedback not appearing
* Update navigation interaction for intermediate breadcrumbs (removes loading interface)
* Update tab plugin to jump to proper page location on load with hash
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