November 2007 | Membership Survey

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November 2007 | Membership Survey

Postby rcrisler1 » Tue Dec 11, 2007 2:41 pm

In the Nov. 2007 meeting, a short survey was taken of WDN members touching on issues of server infrastructure and implementation of open-source and custom-built web applications.

The results were compiled and are presented below.


Do you maintain your own web server?
Yes: 10; No: 7
If yes, why do you maintain your own server?
(number of responses in affirmative, followed by pipe, then question)
6 | Because I need services that are not available centrally.
4 | Because I feel more comfortable maintaining my own server.

Other responses:
    IS has their own server for custom applications (online contracts, etc.)
    3rd party vendor web application for Rec Management software, Filemaker web server
    Testing server only
    Our main website is on Frontier. Special projects are on our own servers to allow for PHP, SQL, XML coding and related. Catalog on proprietary server we maintain. Would like ability to use PHP and SQL on Frontier.
    Because I use IIS v6, Access database and VB for Applications.
    I don't maintain it, nor does my office, but another office lets us piggyback.

If yes, where is your server located?
2 | under my desk
3 | in a server cabinet
8 | in a controlled-access, climate-controlled server room with redundant power supplies

Other responses:
    We are in the process of moving our servers over to Walter Scott within the next two months due to credit card policy compliance issues with two servers. We'll probably more 3 other servers as well.

Software and Services

Do you develop custom web applications that require database and/or scripting technologies?
Yes: 12; No: 5

Do you implement or customize pre-built applications using commercial or open-source software?
Yes: 6; No: 11
wiki: MediaWiki: 2; TWiki: 2
blog: WordPress: 3; Blogger: 3
CMS: LifeRay: 1; Drupal: 2; Joomla: 5; Lenya: 2; ContentDM: 1

Do you build entirely custom web applications?
Yes: 11; No: 6
If yes, which toolsets?
database: MySQL: 8; SQL Server: 3; Access/Filemaker: 3
scripting: PHP: 8; Java: 3; .NET: 1; VBA: 1; ASP: 1
web server: Apache: 5; IIS: 5
dev tools: Eclipse: 2; MS tools: 2; Adobe tools: 4

Other responses:
    We develop Filemaker database applications, and we would love to be able to move forward with more Filemaker web applications such as shopping carts, etc. We also would like to have access to a server with PHP. We have two IIS servers currently.
    We would love to have PHP/MySQL. Video and photo web displays wold be great also, such as Gallery.
    PHP is a must-have technology.

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