3.1 and IE 9

Please post your questions, bug reports and experiences (good or bad) here. UNL.edu Platform v 3.1 is scheduled for delivery on March 13, 2012, and to be fully implemented on April 10, 2012.

UNL.edu 3.1 is not a visual redesign. Rather it is a rearchitecting of the codebase to HTML5 standards and responsive web design. It also adds richer support for accessibility, including ARIA landmarks.

The WDN development team is working on documentation, a previewer and other tools to aid in the transition process. If you'd like to help, please post under the "I'll Help" discussion or in the WDN chat.

Re: 3.1 and IE 9

Postby kabel2 » Tue Apr 17, 2012 5:31 pm

For others that are following this topic. The "real" problem with IE 9 and the web-font is how it is requested and processed by the browser. IE 9 uses a HTTP extension called CORS to ensure that font requests that cross domains are legit. By default the normal templates request the web-font from the default server (www.unl.edu). The server is supposed to respond with the proper headers for IE (and other CORS enforcing browsers) to properly handle the content.

This report exposed two separate issues:
1) IE 9 caches the full response headers of the font request and reuses them for cache responses (this is bad because the response headers depend on the "Origin" request header).
2) The default server was not responding correctly to origin servers with port numbers (ie: snr.unl.edu:9996).

Both issues have been resolved with some notes:
1) We have configured the main server to tell IE 9 not to cache the response. This is a temporary solution, until we find some way to get around IE's cache limitations (perhaps with a "Vary" response header).
2) The default server now responds with a port number (if given).
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Re: 3.1 and IE 9

Postby bspradlin2 » Tue Apr 24, 2012 7:59 am

Does this resolution work for those of us with our own hosted files, or do we need to make some adjustments to get the same results. Our sites have the "wdn" folder synchronized each morning, and the datestamp shows that the latest was downloaded for today. However, I'm still seeing the font issue in IE 9 (non-compatibility mode) at this point. If I switch to compatibility mode, the font works correctly, but the feedback stars go away and it's doing some strange things to the images:


Everything looks fine in the latest Firefox and Chrome browsers.


Brian Spradlin
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Re: 3.1 and IE 9

Postby bspradlin2 » Wed May 09, 2012 8:18 am

Is there any way to get instructions on how to make the same adjustments on our own servers? I've tried a few "no-cache" header settings in IIS 7 without any luck. We're still unable to finish our upgrade to the latest templates until we can fix the font size problem in IE9 from our hosted site. Is there a change in the templates that needs to be made as well, or should this be fixed with something in the templates_3.1 folder?

Thanks in advance!
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