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Matthew Winkel | College of NJ | Usability-Driven Homepage

Postby rcrisler1 » Mon Aug 07, 2006 5:14 pm

Matthew Winkel College of New Jersey
Usability Driven Homepage: Design a User—Centered Approach

Get users involved at every part of the design process

Feedback form
Helpdesk logs
Web logs
Google searches; analyze

Interview students
Visual affordance test
User performance test (usability study)
Brand test

Discover and Define
Live web site analysis
Site feedback repoirt
Personal Interview report
Site survey report

Structure and Design
5 early prototypes
1 advanced prototype
user performance test
ask them to find something
how long/how many clicks
visual affordance test
brand test report

Despite best efforts, all early comment on launch was negative

Webmail and Blackboard links prominent on home

Visual affordance test
Answers “what’s clickable”?
Print out color, ask respondents to circle clickable elements

Card sort test (google this term)

A list of attribute adjectives, ask users to select the ones that the design communicates

Look at “for students” page at College of NJ; good ideas there.

“Suggest a link” forms

What links need to be added/what links are hard to find?

Usability study for parents on parents weekend

A-Z Index

8 students 35 hrs/wk each


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