2010 April 13

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The UNL Web Developer Network will meet at 2 p.m. Tuesday, April 13 in the Nebraska Union. On the agenda:


  • "Today@UNL," forthcoming HTML email publishing app

Template discussion re. synchronization:

  • Why it's important
  • Terms of use on template compliance/synchronization
  • Autosync setup is easy, reliable
  • UNL.edu as an Emerging Platform


  • Setting Priorities for WDN
    • technical priorities
    • building collaboration on code and design
    • what hosting resources we need to be most effective
    • other ideas
  • Subcommittees and Working Groups
    • Taxonomy
    • Create UNLCMS subcommittee to meet regularly



  • Similar to events.unl.edu
  • Distribute every day instead of once a week
  • Select weather you have a news announcement or event submission
  • Add Content into fields
  • Automatically builds go.url for campaign and google tracking
  • Content items are drag and drop and have full approval capability and release capability
  • First phase is specific to e-news distribution
  • Second phase is Department specific
  • Third phase are within lists of departments
  • Slated for release this summer

WDN templates contain the e-mail template

Login now global, utilizing planet red avatar photo UNL.edu Alert in template currently

Comprehensive overview of documentation needed. More information regarding web development especially from the content perspective Outline of web pages with outcomes regarding meeting discussion Watch for UNLCMS developer announcement. These will be focused working sessions specifically aggregating advanced web development and programming to implement features into UNLCMS (css, php, jquery, etc.)

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