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Who can use this template?

This template is only for affiliates of UNL. Affiliates are those entities that are listed as units with "approved secondary logos" in the UNL design Toolbox, OR research centers which are shared among two or more institutions but whose lead institution is UNL. Confirm your appropriate use of this template before implementing it!

How to use it?

Every affiliate template has three design areas that are customizable: the logo, the institution heading name and the header bar.


First, download the psd files from These files let you modify the color, name and logo of your institution. After you are done with the changes, save the images with the exact same name as stated in the image above and drop them into your sharedcode folder. The graphic files may also be saved to graphics or image folder. Proceed by creating all the images in the pop up message.

Second, download the new template files, including the unlaffiliate file. Download the latest file from Add this to your Templates folder.

Once your custom images are in your sharedcode folder, copy the sample affiliate site header file from and place it within your own sharedcode folder as affiliate.shtml. Modify the include statement to the siteheader in unlaffiliate.dwt to reference your custom siteheader file:

<!--#include virtual="sharedcode/affiliate.shtml" -->

Once you have your own site header file, modify the location of the logo to point to your custom image.

Copy the sample affiliate css file from and place it within your own sharedcode folder as affiliate.css. Modify the css link within the head of your document to reference your custom affiliate.css file and change media type from "screen" to "all":

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="sharedcode/affiliate.css" />

Once you have your own affiliate.css file, modify the location of the other two customizeable images.

You can now start creating pages with the new affiliate template.

Affiliate Template PSDs:

Modify color of Navigation and Footer bar

In your new affiliate.css file you need to modify the styles

h4#sec_nav {border-bottom-color:#54691B;} 
#footer {border-top-color:#54691B;} 

to change to your site's theme color.

Make sure that your affiliate.css file includes the following style:

body#popup #header a{background:url(/ucomm/templatedependents/templatecss/images/affiliate_popup.gif) no-repeat;} 

However, the location of the affiliate_popup.gif file should match where you have placed the file described above. These changes are especially valid if you retrieved the affiliate.css file prior to 11/20/2006

Font problem?

  • You will need URWGrotesk font to edit affiliate.psd. The fonts are distributed to everyone that attends the University Communications Toolbox Training. Because there are a limited number of licenses, contact University Communications for details on how to get the fonts.
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