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The Central Authentication Service (CAS) allows users to log in at one location, and be authenticated across multiple sites at the university. CAS is important for end users and web application developers for creating a seamless experience between authenticated websites. This page was modeled after the Case CAS wiki page.


Using CAS

Log in using your My.UNL Username at https://login.unl.edu/cas/login

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my My.UNL Username and Password?

Part 1: Find out your My.UNL Username:

Students and faculty/staff have different ways of looking up their My.UNL id (also called username). Use the appropriate procedure below. If you are a faculty/staff member taking courses as a student, you will have two different My.UNL usernames--one for your faculty/staff activities and another for your student activities. Procedure for student accounts:

  1. Go to the What About Me (WAM) system. Log in using your NU ID number and the PIN you use for class registration.
  2. Once logged in, click the link Address, E-mail and Blackboard Information found under the heading "My Records."
  3. On the address information page, you'll find your My.UNL (Blackboard) NetID. Also on this page, be sure to update your email address. The email address in WAM is the email address that is utilized by My.UNL (Blackboard) when sending and receiving emails.

Procedure for faculty/staff accounts:

  1. Go to UNL Peoplefinder.
  2. To use Peoplefinder, simply enter your last name in the text field. When you find yourself, click your name.
  3. Your e-mail address should appear at the bottom of the window. Your NetID is the "alias" of your email address in lowercase without the "@unl.edu" part (for example; perickson3). Your My.UNL username will consist of your first initial, last name and a number. It does not include the information found after the @ symbol.

Part 2: Your password:

Your password by default is your NU ID number found on your NCard; the NU ID is the 8-digit number found in the lower-left portion of your NCard above the barcode. Use this to login the first time.

Web Sites and Applications Using CAS


Configuring Applications to Use CAS


UNL_Auth Module

The UNL Auth module is installable via

pear channel-discover pear.unl.edu
pear install unl/UNL_Auth-alpha unl/CAS-alpha


  1. Go to JA-SIG and download the phpCAS client.
  2. If you're using PHP4, you will need the domxml extension. (Install the php-domxml package for RPM-based Linux distributions.)
  3. Use the following configuration to use the UNL CAS server.
// initialize phpCAS



(1) start the CPAN shell: perl -MCPAN -e shell
(2) install:              install AuthCAS
(3) you may have to install other modules to satisfy dependencies.  Refer to the CPAN manpage for details.
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