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Converting your pages to the new Template from the old UNL CSS Templates
To convert your web pages from the previous version of the UNL CSS Templates to the newest version, download the newest templates from the Web Developer Network FTP Server.


Get The Latest Template Source

The latest template files are available on the WDN Downloads page. Download the file.

Extract Templates To Your Local Site

Unzip the file.

A folder will be created that contains both a sharedcode and Templates folder. If you already have pages that you've created with the current UNL Templates, you will not need all files within "sharedcode" folder, as you will have already created these files, but you may be missing some files used in the new templates. Copy over any missing files to your sharedcode directory.

In the root level of your development server or site where you store your local files, replace the old Templates folder with the Templates folder from the unzipped file.

Applying Templates/Updating Pages

Please note that the new UNL CSS Templates are built in a fixed-width format. The 'fixed' width template is the default page layout and it is recommended that this design is used on all converted and new pages, unless the content requires otherwise.

Within Dreamweaver:

  • Open Existing CSS Template Based Page
  • Select Modify -> Templates -> Apply Template to Page
  • Choose the fixed template from the list of templates
  • Save the your page

Alternatively, if all of your pages are based on the fixed width page, you can simply choose Modify -> Templates -> Update Current Page/Update Pages to update the current page, or all of your template based pages.

Dreamweaver will open a prompt window stating "Some regions in this document have no corresponding regions in the new template." This is because both the leftRandomPromo and collegenavigationlist regions from the template have not been implemented in the new design. To resolve these regions, select one of them, then on the "Move content to new region" selection, choose "Nowhere" and click the Use This For All button.

Converting Discontinued Templates

If converting from a template that is no longer supported in the new design, such as fixednosidebar, you can do a site-wide search & replace to move every page using that template to a new template. For example, to convert php.fixednosidebar to php.fixed:

Search for:


Replace with:


Then select Modify -> Templates -> Update Pages as described above.

Old Template New Template
document.dwt document.dwt
fixed.dwt fixed.dwt
fixednosidebar.dwt fixed.dwt
fixedwsidebars.dwt fixed.dwt
liquid.dwt liquid.dwt
liquidnosidebars.dwt liquid.dwt
liquidnoweather.dwt liquid.dwt
php.document.dwt php.document.dwt.php
php.fixed.dwt php.fixed.dwt.php
php.fixednosidebar.dwt php.fixed.dwt.php
php.fixedwsidebars.dwt php.fixed.dwt.php
php.liquid.dwt php.liquid.dwt.php
php.liquidnosidebars.dwt php.liquid.dwt.php
php.liquidnoweather.dwt php.liquid.dwt.php
php.popup.dwt php.popup.dwt.php
php.splash.dwt php.fixed.dwt.php
popup.dwt popup.dwt
splash.dwt fixed.dwt
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