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The following set of step-by-step instructions was contributed by WDN members Kim Weide and Beth Wagoner. It describes how to create a test site and apply your templates using Dreamweaver. With minor modifications (pathnames, primarily) the same steps apply to Mac users.

1. Create a copy of your current site's folder in your local directory (right-click on your current folder, select copy, go to the edit menu and choose paste, right-click rename). example: C://MyDocuments/2009 Beta

2. In Dreamweaver, duplicate your current site. Go to Site, Manage Sites. Select the name of your current site, click Duplicate. Edit and rename the copy under Site name in the Local Info Category (if you don't see a list of categories on the left, click the Advanced tab) example: 2009 Beta

3. Now you have a new test site and you will want to make a few changes in the local and remote information.

  • Change the local root folder to youâ�?��?�re the new folder on your local drive.

example: C://MyDocument/2009 Beta

  • Change the Default images folder to your new site's images folder.

example: C://MyDocument/2009 Beta/images

  • Create a subdirectory after your HTTP Address.


  • On the Remote Info page from within your current site, add your subdirectory (it should match the one that you added after your HTTP Address) to the Host Directory field

example: /cwis/data/mysite/beta

  • Under the Site Map Layout Category, navigate to and select your new site's home page.

example: C://MyDocument/2009 Beta/index.shtml

4. Download template files from Unzip the file and save the sharedcode and Templates folders to your desktop (or any other temporary location of your choice). Copy the Template folder into your new test site's folder on your local directory and replace the files that are there with the ones associated with the new template. Retain your current sharedcode directory, as it contains your site navigation and other important files.

  • Open the fixed.dwt template. Make a small change â�?��?? like under breadcrumbs, change the department to your actual department and save.
  • In the popup box, change collegenavigation and randompromo to â�?��?nowhereâ�?� (unless you want to keep the promo graphics, then it is suggested that you place it in your maincontentarea) . Your files should then update if they were based on the template.

5. You will need to update your sharedcode files. Some of them can be copied and pasted from your current site. Others like footerContactInfo.html are new.

6. Open your current site in Dreamweaver. In the side window that shows your files, click the icon on the far right that expands the view of the local and remote files. Right-click the root folder on the remote site and select New Folder. Rename it using the name of the subdirectory that you used under the third and fourth bullet points on step 3.

7. Switch back to your new test site. Upload your site into the folder you just created. You can preview the results at: (replacing mysite and beta with your directories).

8. On some servers, your navigation may take you back to your old site. To correct this open navigation.html in the sharedcode folder. You will need to add your subdirectory to the â�?��?a hrefâ�?� code. Use a replace and find (located under edit) in the sourcecode to edit all the links. Save. example: change â�?��?? a href=â�?�/mysite/ to a href=â�?�/mysite/beta/

9. IMPORTANT: You will need to take the beta directory out of the links when the site goes live on August 17!

The above was done using a PC, Dreamweaver CS3, and the Frontier Server.

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