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Why Log in?

Logging in allow the user to define the short id (alias) and Google Marketing campaign information and to manage your GoURLs

How to view an existing QR code at http://go.unl.edu:


Standard size of QR Code:

"The minimum dimensions of a QR code depend upon the resolving power of the cameras that are used to scan the code. According to a Kaywa white paper, it is recommended to use a minimum size of 32 �?�?? 32 mm or 1.25 �?�?? 1.25 inches, excluding quiet zone, for QR codes that contain a URL. This guarantees that all camera phones on the market can properly read the bar code. Changing the size to a width and height of 26 �?�?? 26 mm or roughly 1 square inch still covers 90% of the phones on the market. The latest camera models, which have improved macro capabilities, can however already deal with QR codes that are less than 10 mm (0.4â�?�³) wide and high." from [1]

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