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Web Developer Network (WDN) Documentation

The following wiki provides documentation resources for web developers and server administrators using the UNL Templates provided by the Web Developer Network.

The WDN meets every month, on the second Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. in the Nebraska Union. The WDN Calendar will have the latest meeting times.

Communication/Collaboration Tools of the WDN

The WDN maintains a number of various communication and collaboration tools. The list below outlines the main outlets and their overall purpose.

IRC Channel (Chat Room)

The IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Channel is an internet chat room that members of the WDN are encouraged to sit in and have a "real-time" discussion. If you're looking for a quick way to have a conversation with a member of the WDN, the chat is there you. It is generally understood that the environment within the chat room is much like that of the office water-cooler.

Please keep in mind, the chat room is NOT a direct line of support for web development. Also, the chat room is an open discussion with all members. Conversations are not threaded, thus many people can be having multiple conversations all at the same time. You may start a "private message" with anyone in the chat room, however it is generally recommended that you ask permission to do so. If you are using the web client (linked above), you can start a private message by click on the user's name in the list that appears to the right of the chat window and then selecting "query", or you can type the IRC command /msg USERNAME Insert Your Message Here.

While the web client for the chat room allows for anonymous access, it is generally recommended that you identify yourself by giving yourself a nickname using the IRC command /nick YOUR_NICKNAME. Doing this makes it easier for people to respond to you personally. Also note that the web chat will automatically assign you a random/anonymous nickname, but for security reasons your IP address is logged.

Bulletin Board (Forum)

The bulletin board (or forum) provides registration capabilities for all people wanting to be a part of the WDN. With your registration you become a part of the mailing list that announces the agenda for upcoming WDN meetings. The bulletin board also allows all members of the WDN to post information, tips, questions, answers, etc. for everyone to see and respond to. You are given the option to login with your LDAP (My.UNL) credentials or to register on your own (if you aren't a member of the UNL community).

Please keep in mind that no one person (or group of people) are responsible for answering questions or responding to bulletin board posts. The success of the bulletin board relies on ALL members of the WDN community to actively participate in the collaboration process. There's no such thing as a stupid response, if it helps the greater good. To assist in the success of the bulletin board, the software has been updated. The latest version allows members to subscribe to forums (groups of topics) and/or topics (a single thread of conversation), allowing you to be notified of updates. To subscribe to something you must login first, then navigate to the forum or topic you wish to subscribe to. On the forum/topic's page in the footer, will be a link to (un)subscribe.


You are currently on the wiki. It serves as documentation pages for WDN resources. The information contained in the wiki, is generally considered to be the "official" documentation. As it is a wiki, it is openly editable by any member of the WDN.


GitHub is a public collaborative development environment. It hosts the source code and issue trackers for many of the WDN projects, including the UNL Templates. By obtaining a GitHub account you can assist the development process of WDN projects by either submitting bug reports/feature requests or coding/submitting patches. Most of the WDN projects use git as a source-control manager, so checking out code for collaborative development is simplified.

WDN Site

The WDN site is a dedicated location on frontier (UNL's main web server) to provide generalized information and downloads. The site maintains a listing of links to a number of WDN resources and tools. It is not intended to document features of the UNL Templates, but rather, highlight what they do and provide disclaimers/rationale.

Contributing to the UNL Templates

All WDN members are encouraged to contribute to the UNL Templates. Code contribution is handled through a git repository hosted GitHub. Documentation contribution is available through this wiki.

WDN Monthly Meeting Notes

Monthly meeting notes are posted on the WDN Bulletin Board.

Introduction to the UNL Templates

The Web Developer Network provides XHTML templates for web publishing. The templates provided are compliant with W3 coding standards, as well as accessibility standards. The template source code is provided as flat html files which rely on server side includes. PHP and ASP versions are also maintained for use with database-enabled servers. Adobe Dreamweaver is the recommended development environment for the majority of developers on campus, but is NOT required to use these templates.

Continue reading the Introduction to the UNL Templates.

Getting Started with the UNL Templates:

Upgrading the UNL Templates

Upgrading the UNL Templates
Archival information on upgrading from the 2006 templates to the 2009 templates.

Syncing the UNL Templates

Supported Browsers for the UNL Templates

BSD License for the UNL Templates

Content Area Resources for the UNL Templates

Distributed with the template dependents are markup examples of many of the content area resources. See the examples on frontier at

WDN Applications

Web Services
Web services are required for extensive, dynamic integrations. In the WDN, we strive to make standards-based web services available in all applications. Review the Web Services Directory.

Google Analytics

WDN Web Content Management System

WDN Coding Group

Identity Management Documentation

University Communications Documentation

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