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Mediahub is the aggregation point for all UNL audio and video media. It also can be used to build podcast/vodcast feeds for media that you publish.

Currently mediahub does not offer storage for video files, so hosting media is still something developers need to handle.

Adding Video/Audio Files

1. Get the direct URL to the media and copy this to your clipboard.
2. Log in to mediahub, and paste your URL on the 'Add Media' form.
3. Enter meta information details.
4. Select RSS/Podcast/Vodcast feeds to add the media to.
5. Click save.

Your media will be given a web address which uniquely identifies that piece of media. For example:

Using media within mediahub

You can either link to a page containing the media file, or copy and paste the embed code for use on your own site.

You can also pull the player for use on your own website by using either the partial output format or the json format.


Using RSS feeds

Each feed has it's own address within mediahub. Feeds are a way of organizing related media. You can link directly to a web page for the feed, or to the RSS/Podcast/Vodcast xml page.


The XML output format can be used to subscribe to the podcast within an application such as iTunes. To subscribe to a podcast, use Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast... and enter in the address:

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