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Web Developer Quality Assurance Process

As stated by Chancellor Harvey Perlman at the 2006 State of the University Address, and as detailed in the UNL Template Terms of Use, all UNL websites at the department and unit level and above are required to be developed within a set of site templates as developed and governed by the UNL Web Developer Network.

This policy was refined and clarified in August of 2009. The new policy is as follows:

All websites of entities which are organizationally part of UNL are required to be published in the web templates developed and maintained by the UNL Web Developer Network. These sites must be published in accordance with the WDN's Template Terms of Use.


  • faculty members' personal web pages
  • affiliates of UNL which have been granted an exemption for marketing purposes

approved by Chancellor Harvey Perlman, 8/20/2009

approved by Web Advisory Group, 8/24/2009

The UNL site templates are not, however, simply a loose aggregation of code and design elements. Great care has been taken to ensure that the templates, as distributed, meet all state and federal accessibility requirements. As accessibility requirements are a matter of law, it is a requirement of UNL template adoption that all sites based on the UNL template meet at least Section 508 requirements for accessibility, and that those sites are composed of valid code.

While the requirements described above are largely testable by machine, other requirements are not. Members of the Web Developer Network also gave great consideration to various design and navigational elements, their purpose, and their position within the templates; information on these elements is given in the online Style Book elsewhere in this wiki.

To that end, a Quality Assurance process has been developed to provide for site reviews prior to reporting sites to the chancellor as having achieved a status of "complete."

A Quality Assurance Group has been constituted from the membership of the Web Developer Network to conduct these reviews. A monthly report will be prepared for the chancellor, listing the current status of all sites that are required to follow the UNL templates.

Web developers are encouraged to enter their information into the UNL WDN Registry. Doing so will cause your site(s) to be included in the monthly report to the chancellor. Please do not avoid entering information into the registry simply to avoid being listed in the reports. Sites not present in the WDN Registry will be listed as "non-reporting."

QA Process Outline

1. "Completed" status reported by developer in WDN Registry.

2. Machine-testable reports returned, listing all pages as valid ( If pages cannot be made valid, web developer notes the specific issues in the Registry's comments field.

3. Quality Assurance Group reviews site, identifies issues requiring resolution (if any), and proposes solutions.

4. Upon successful resolution of all identified issues, site moved to "approved" status.

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