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On smaller screens, the site title for longer named departments and colleges may be truncated. When this occurs, only the beginning of the name will be displayed followed by an ellipsis to indicate the truncation:

Truncated title.png

If the site title uses a common abbreviation (for instance, CBA for the College of Business Administration), an option is available to use the abbreviation for smaller screens and use the full title for larger screens where more space exists. To do this, replace the text inside the site title (titlegraphic):

<abbr title="College of Business Administration">CBA</abbr>

In this case, the abbreviation (CBA) will be displayed on smaller screens (less than 768px wide).

Abbr 320.png

Larger screens (768px wide and up) will display the contents of the title attribute of the abbreviation. In this case, "College of Business Administration".

Abbr 768.png

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