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This page lists the browser version numbers supported by the latest version of the UNL Templates.

While the following browsers are tested, it is recommended web developers test against IE 8 and greater and the current release for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.



  • Firefox 9.0+
  • Safari 5.0+
  • Google Chrome 7.0+
  • Internet Explorer 8.0+

In the 2009 WDN Templates, support for Internet Explorer 6 is dropped. The site will still be displayed, but without content styling and users will be prompted to download an upgrade. As of that time, Internet Explorer 9 was the latest version of this browser, and Microsoft recommends upgrading for several reasons. The latest product is more stable and enables users to be more secure and productive when performing their work or browsing the Internet. The newest version also partners more closely with Web standards working groups to be a key contributor in Web standards evolution. All of these reasons make for a better web experience.

Mac OS X

  • Firefox 9.0+
  • Safari 5.0+
  • Google Chrome 7.0+


Testing does not occur for Linux at this time.

Reportedly Working but Unsupported

  • Camino 0.8.4+
  • Opera 8.5+
  • Konqueror 3.4+
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