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Welcome to the UNL Content Management System (UNLCMS) Documentation, you can help out your colleagues by adding to this documentation - just log in and click EDIT at the top of a section.

This page is for general end user and UNLCMS web site publishing documentation located at http://unlcms.unl.edu/


Logging In

Any faculty staff or student at UNL can use the UNL Content Management System (UNLCMS), simply log in to http://yoursite.unl.edu/user to edit pages using your My.UNL (Blackboard) username and password.

If you do not know your username and password, use this form to find your username or change your password, or call the IS Help Desk.


Web Sites

Each user/department can have their own public website using the UNL Content Management System. By default your account is tied to the username used to log in to the system.

If your username is jsmith1, then your public website is located at:


If you would like a calendar for your academic department or administrative unit, you can contact Todd Jensen to change your site 'short name.' You can also grant other UNL users permission to edit your website.



Reporting Problems

The UNLCMS was built by the Web Developer Network. If you find a bug within the system please report it using the bug tracking system or to to http://unlcms.unl.edu/help

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