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Welcome to the UNL Event Publisher Documentation, you can help out your colleagues by adding to this documenation - just log in and click EDIT at the top of a section.

This page is for general end user and event publisher documentation for the UNL Event Publisher located at http://events.unl.edu/

UNL Calendar FAQs

If you are interested in using this software at your university, see the project homepage.


Logging In

Any faculty staff or student at UNL can use the UNL Event Publisher, simply log in to the manager using your My.UNL (Blackboard) username and password.

If you do not know your username and password, use this form to find your username or change your password, or call the IS Help Desk.



Each user can have their own public calendar using the UNL Event Publisher. By default your account is tied to the username used to log in to the system.

If your username is jsmith1, then your public calendar is located at:


If you would like a calendar for your academic department or administrative unit, you can contact Brett Bieber to change your calendar 'short name.' You can also grant other UNL users permission to post events to your calendar.


You can grant access to other users by selecting 'Users & Permissions' once you are logged in, and add users to your calendar. From the Users & Permissions section, you can add/grant permissions for any user within UNL by using their Blackboard ID.

Permissions are calendar specific, so granting Event Edit permissions for a user will only grant them permission to edit posted events for the calendar you are currently managing.

One calendar can have as many users as you would like, each with their own set of permissions.

Posting Events

To submit an event choose 'Create Event' from the manager screen and enter in the event details. If you would like to share your event with other calendars within the UNL Calendar, choose Public under 'Event Sharing Status.' Additionally you can choose to 'recommend' your event for the main university calendar. Check the box which says 'Recommend event for the main calendar':

Event Sharing Status.png

Displaying Events on a UNL Web Page

There are various ways to pull information from the UNL Calendar and display it in any format required. See the examples for extracting data from the UNL Calendar.

Extracting Data From The Calendar

Reporting Problems

The calendar was built by the Web Developer Network. If you find a bug within the system please report it using the bug tracking system.

Bugs for the public interface.

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