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Logging In

I don't know my username & password!

Usernames and passwords are the same for the UNL Calendar and for the My.UNL Blackboard system. If you have an NCard you have a login. Usernames are usually first initial+lastname+2: bbieber2 Passwords are usually your NUID number which can be found on your NCard.

My username and password are correct, but it won't let me in.

Information services synchronizes passwords nightly. If you have recently changed your password, try using your old password, or wait until the next day.

Personal Calendars

How do I get my own calendar within the system?

Each user has access to a calendar when they log in - which corresponds to your username. If your username is bbieber2, your personal calendar will be available at http://events.unl.edu/bbieber2/

Posting Events

How do I get my event on the main UNL calendar?

When you create your event be sure to check the box that says Please consider event for the main calendar. Event Sharing Status.png

The location I need isn't in the drop down.

First, double check that the location you need is not already within the drop down under its official name. If the location you need truly is not already in the system, the last value within the drop down is --New Value-- choose this and enter in the details for the location.

Event Location New Value.png

If you would like this location to always show up within the system - check the box which says Make this location always available

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