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The Web Developer Network provides XHTML templates for web publishing. The templates provided are compliant with W3 coding standards, as well as accessibility standards. The template source code is provided as flat html files which rely on server side includes. PHP and ASP versions are also maintained for use with database-enabled servers. Adobe Dreamweaver is the recommended development environment for the majority of developers on campus, but is NOT required to use these templates.

Users may first want to read the UNL Template Terms_of_Use before starting to understand what is required to use the UNL Templates.

The following are the various template styles available for general use.


Templates Available

Fixed Width

Screenshot of the fixed width template in use.

This is the standard page that should be used for the majority of pages across unl.edu.


Screenshot of the document template in use.

The document template is intended for pages designed to be printed, or used as a stand-alone page with no external navigation.


Screenshot of the popup template in use.

Popup templates are used for small widget like pages with no need for navigation, and are intended to open from a parent page.

  • Video clips
  • photo gallery


The secure template is designed for use on sites using https (ssl) encryption, and should also have the secure template badge.


The liquid width page is designed to flow to the width of the viewport of the client's browser. This template style should only be used when the content of your page cannot be displayed properly within a standard 'fixed' width page.

Get the templates

These templates can be downloaded from the Web Developer Network Downloads Page. Sign up to the WDN Bulletin Board to stay informed of updates to the templates and meetings where you can provide input.

Now that you know about all the UNL Templates available, start using the templates by configuring Dreamweaver.

UNL Templates Dreamweaver Setup


Before building your site, please familiarize yourself with how elements within the templates are to be used by reading the template Style Book 09.

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