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If your website runs on a server other than frontier/cwis/www.unl.edu, you can still use the UNL Templates, but some additional steps need to be taken to synchronize the code you are working with to prevent out of date template pages.

Set Up Your Server

The first step is to have your server administrator set up the server to use the UNL Templates.

If you are not sure if your server is set up yet or not, try browsing to the /ucomm/templatedependents/ directory on your server.

If the server returns a FILE NOT FOUND or 404 Error code, your server is not configured to use the UNL Templates.

Once the server is set up and is synchronizing the template dependent files you can use the templates just as you would on frontier.

Know Your Platform

Using the templates on another server requires that you know what type of webserver you are using, as this will effect the underlying server-side include technology of the templates you are using.

  • Apache servers => Normal SHTML or PHP
  • Microsoft IIS servers = > SHTML or ASP

If you do not know the technology your server uses, try using Netcraft[1] to determine what type of server you are running.

Begin Using The Templates

Once your server is set up, and you know which set of templates to use, start creating your pages.

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