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Event Publishers Management Interface

The Manager portion of the UNL Event Publishing system installs a web based interface event publishers use to publish event information. This package assumes you have a insatlled and working backed system to connect to. See UNL_UCBCN.


To install the Manager:

pear channel-discover pear.unl.edu
pear install --alldeps unl/UNL_UCBCN_Manager-beta
pear run-scripts unl/UNL_UCBCN_Manager

The post install script will place a index.php file in the web root you specify and allow you to log-in.

Right now you must also run the insert_sample_data.php script

php insert_sample_data.php

Which will add in the default permissions for the system.

The manager frontend uses the Auth PEAR package for extensible authentication to the event manager. Simply instantiate an Auth object with one of the many containers available and pass it to the UNL_UCBCN_Manager(). The authenticated username will be used to identify the user and available permissions within the management frontend.

Once a user logs in for the first time, if they do not have permissions over any account an account will be created for them with permissions over their new account.

Template System

To alter the template system, start by copying the 'default' template directory and naming it whatever you would like to call your template. Alter the template files to suit your needs and change the 'template' value passed to the UNL_UCBCN_Manager constructor.


The Management frontend is not complete yet, see the bugs at the:

API Documentation

API Documentation is available at http://pear.unl.edu/docs/UNL_UCBCN_Manager/

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