UNLcms 2010.04.25

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Abel.K, Bieber, Bachman, Crisler, Jensen, Rice.J, Rasmussen, Steiner


  • Current status update
  • DrupalCon 2010 happenings (Rice.J)
  • Template issues to be fixed
  • UI/UX Priorities
  • Regular meeting time/interval
  • Next meeting agenda

Attendees: Bieber, Jensen, Rice.J, Rasmussen, Steiner

*Current status update We've had success with putting most of the html code straight into TinyMCE. Tabs have presented some issues that need to be worked through. Developers agreed to use g-forge tracker to define priorities.

*DrupalCon 2010 happenings (Rice.J) The primary takeaway from DrupalCon was that D7 will contain many improvements and many developers are moving in that direction. We established that the best use of effort would to follow this movement.

*UI/UX Priorities No known template issues exist, though there was discussion whether to maintain a UNL styled admin interface or use what is already contained in the drupal project. It was decided that a basic yet simple UI for admin would be maintained. Other priorities TBD.

The gforge svn repository contains two branches and a trunk. Each branch will be used for all code in active development for each of the two targeted, major drupal versions (6.x and 7.x) and will be kept up to date with the most stable releases from http://drupal.org/project/drupal. The trunk will be used for the code that we have designated "stable" enough to be deployed to unlcms.unl.edu

*Regular meeting time/interval It was established that the coders subgroup would meet the second Thursday of each month at 10, in Wick. (Location may vary.)

*Next meeting agenda Determined by g-forge tracker.

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