UNLcms 2010.05.13

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  • Priorities
  • Meeting time/interval change
  • Action Items
  • Other Items

Attendees: Bieber, Jensen, Rice.J, Rasmussen, Steiner, Crisler


Migration tool discussion. Moving content from frontier to drupal. Tim will continue refining the tool.

Drupal 6 vs. 7, while 6 is mature, 7 has much functionality and core inclusion the would save us development time. Working in D6 now, will result in much redundant work upon the release of D7. No specific release time for D7.

Image Upload tool was reviewed, deemed highly potential to extract css and define a more user friendly option, potentially more tied to core than to TinyMCE. Other uploads may fit in this tool set.

*Meeting time/interval change

Change to weekly until further notice, every Thursday 10 am Wick

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