UNLcms 2010.05.20

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  • Migration tool progress
  • Switching trunk?
  • Straw man overview
  • Time investment

Attendees: Bieber, Jensen, Rice.J, Steiner, Roeber, Sourabh C.(IS Intern Programmer)

*Migration tool progress

Making progress, found some issues with trailing slashes not being present. Scans site, finds all URLS, copies files to Drupal directory structure. Put URL in a form that Drupal understands.

*Switching Trunk Not completed, wait until Acquia

*Straw man overview Jensen gave an overview of a presentation he will be presented to IS leadership. A quick run through of the basic concepts was presented further details and response will be discussed next week.

*Time investment Jensen will discuss with Crisler, Ucomm's FTE commitment.

*Other items Roeber discussed use of Acquia to help implement drupal at the institutional level, support contracts, etc. Static frontier would be migrated to drupal. Get core up and running and potentially integrate services.

Coleman discussed the College of Law's interest and willingness to help define web content editing.

Bieber and Steiner mentioned that clarification needs to be understood around the 'breaking warranty' to help support the installation.

*Next Meeting Follow-up discussion will commence next week, May 27 10am Wick. We will discuss outcome of the conversation with Acquia and IS leadership. Open for other items and discussion.

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