UNLcms 2010.06.24

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Migration tool progress
Hosting/consulting discussion follow-up
Raw template vs pear classes
D7 Beta
Other items

Attendees: Jensen, Meranda, Rasmussen, Roeber, Sourabh C.(IS Intern Programmer), Stark, Steiner

*Migration tool progress

  • Check very old sites (what happends if not in current template)
  • Setting between UNL and site name
  • Placement in drupal title of entries should be page titles
  • Start with h2 then look at <title>
  • Date updated from author
  • Provide user with an error log file
  • Anchors problematic when being linked from menu items
  • custom CSS, js needs to be identified for future troubleshooting.

*Hosting/consulting discussion follow-up

  • Various vendors are being solicitated to host our sites. Neospire, Rackspace, Savvis (data centers, warehouse mostly, not a good fit for us)
  • Hope to have decision matrix soon - contract in in July
  • Details in proposal will be provided.

*Raw template vs pear classes

  • It was suggested that pear be the defined mechanism for updating and maintaining template files. This process will be followed and maintained.
  • Admin theme is much better in D7 and with be used in stead of template.

*D7 Beta

  • To provide migratory options, sites are unable to be created in D7 until the beta releases

*Next Meeting July 1

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