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Updating your UNL Template based site is easy if you are using the CSS-based UNL Templates and Dreamweaver.

The current UNL Template source is 20071011. The beta templates which will go live on August 17th, 2009 are dated 2009-07-21

If you do not have the latest source, you might consider upgrading. You can check what version you are using by looking at the source of the template based page.


  • First, make a backup of your site just in case.
  • Go to the WDN download site (http://wdn.unl.edu/downloads/) and download UNLTemplates.zip
  • Extract the zip file to a temporary directory.
  • Remove the Templates directory from your local site.
  • Open the extracted files and copy the new Templates directory containing the .dwts to your local root.
  • Update all pages, or individual pages:
    • To update all pages, choose Modify>Templates>Update Pages from within Dreamweaver.
    • To update an individual page, open the individual page you wish to update, then choose Modify>Templates>Update Current Page.
  • If you run into any problems, restore the files you backed up and post to the Bulletin Board.

Do not copy all the files and overwrite your sharedcode files (navigation, footer etc)

We recommend that you register for the WebDevNet Bulletin Board to stay informed of updates to the template pages.

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