Upgrading the UNL Templates

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This document is for existing UNL Templates users upgrading from the 2006 UNL Website design to the 2009 design.


Upgrade Notes

All Users

  • There are now four columns of content within the main content area.
  • The 'subhead' or 'tagline' has been removed. Details are available in the Style Book 09 document.
  • Removed regions:
    • leftRandomPromo (place promo elements within the main content area)
    • collegenavigationlist (the new navigation system accommodates this)
  • Special tags within the head of the document control certain aspects of the template. See Local Site Links for more information.

Dreamweaver Users

Server Administrators

The old template files were stored in: /ucomm/templatedependents/

The new template files are stored in: /wdn/templates_3.0/

These files can be downloaded from http://wdn.unl.edu/downloads/wdn.zip and should by synchronized regularly! See the information on Mirroring the Template Files for details.

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