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Section 3 of the Terms_of_Use states, all sites with the new template must validate to the XHTML 1.0 Transitional standards. The Web Developer Network has setup a local instance of the W3C validator. To use this validation service, go to

Templates dated 20070105 and later contain a link to the local instance of the validator within the footer.

How to validate

Single validation:

To validate single pages, submit the URL of the page to the validator as you would at the W3C validator service.

Batch validation:

As many sites comprise of more than one page, the WDN has implemented batch validation. You may submit your entire site to be validated using this service. To submit an entire site (where all sublinks will be validated), enter the base URL of the site to be validated. For example if your site has the URL and there are subpages, and, submit the URL If the site you want to validate is a directory, include the trailing slash (/). In our example, the URL to be submitted would be

You may validate your site immediately by submitting the URL of your site in the "Validate now" form. Once you submit your site for validation, you will need to wait for the site to be validated (for large sites, this may take a long time).

Alternatively, you may submit your site to be added to the queue of sites to be validated by submitting the URL of your site in the "Validate later (submit to a queue)" form. Sites submitted to be this queue are validated every few minutes. After 10 minutes or so, you may check the status of your site by submitting the URL of your site under the "Validate now" form. If you include your email address, you will be sent an email notification of the status of your site once validation is complete.

Understanding the results

When you obtain the validated status of your site, you will see a table of results. The fields in the table are defined as follows:

  • Validity: the validity of the page (i.e., valid or invalid)
  • Code: the HTTP status code of the URL obtained from the server. Typically, a page that exist on the server and is available would return a code '200', while a page that does not exist on the server returns a code '404'.
  • Address: the validated URL.

Additional information

  • The batch validation system only finds links up to a depth of 4. This means that links buried deeper than 4 clicks are not found and validated. If you have such pages, submit another URL closer to the links not found.
  • You must submit valid URLs. Include the http:// prefix, and if the URL you want to verify is a directory, include the trailing slash (/).
  • If you think you've discovered a bug or encountered problems using the validation system, do discuss it in the WDN IRC channel.
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