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Todo List

Campus Tour

* We need to locate destinations within buildings, not just buildings alone. Where is the computer store? Where is TEAC? Where is La Cafina?
* We need more details about several buildings.

Smart 'Apply Now' Page

* We need to build a smart apply now page
* Compile a list of known referring addresses
* Build logic to redirect the client to the appropriate application (Grad, Undergrad, law etc) based on their referring address.

* Javascript functions needed.

* get all the JS into a namespace.
* Peoplefinder functions that mirror the UNL_Services_Peoplefinder functions [1]
* document the function fetchURLInto(url,id,err)
* add dimension support and rotation time to the newRandomPromo xml format.

TidyTemplate Tool

* Need to document this tool and how to use it... http://pear.unl.edu/index.php?package=UNL_TidyTemplate

* UNL Calendar

* Finish the 7 day week view.
* Add ability to enter recurring events.
* Add admission info/ticket price etc.
* When creating an event, populate default contact information from peoplefinder using javascript.
* Create a default template which does not use the UNL Templates.
* Finish the admin interface to manage calendars.

* Open Source App Styling/Themes

* Document in the wiki the themes we have, and how to apply them.
 * Wordpress -- Micah Sutton and Tim Steiner have modified Brett's original, need to submit changes to SVN.
 * MediaWiki  -- A usable first pass is done in currently in use.
 * Gallery..? Vishal had some info on this I think.


WDN Registry TODO

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